If you are planning to come to Estonia, then Pärnu County has a lot of activities to offer. This is a great place to visit with family, friends or beloved one. You can relax here or have an active holiday all year.


Viisnurga Holiday Home is only 6 km away from the Lotte Village.
It is an exciting place for young and old alike. Gadgetville’s residents spend their time playing games, doing handicrafts, practicing sports and talking to younger visitors and their parents. Lotte Village also has a lively theatre scene.
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Uulu coastal pine forests

Uulu coastal pine forests (also: Surju coastal forests) are protected pine forests in the coastal landscape in Pärnu county, Häädemeeste municipality. Forests are located only 2.5 km from Viisnurk Holiday Homes. It's so nice to walk in pine forests.

Rannametsa–Tolkuse nature study trail

The circular 2.2 km trail, partly on boardwalk, is situated in Luitemaa Nature Reserve. At leisurely pace it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. The trail winds to sandy dunes covered with airy heath pine forest and rises to Tornimägi hill where there is an 18 m high observation tower offering stunning views of Häädemeeste coastal meadow and the Pärnu bay from one side and the Tolkuse bog from the other side. The end of the trail leads through Tolkuse bog.
Viisnurga Holiday Home is located in 15 min 


Häädemeeste is a small borough in Pärnu County near the sea.
Häädemeeste has the Häädemeeste St. Michael's Church, which was built in 1874, and the Häädemeeste Orthodox Church, which was built between 1870 and 1872.
It is also interesting to visit the Häädemeeste municipal Museum, which was established in 1991.